Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Soft Skeleton #19: Waiting For Lucille

Hear Conor R., Nick B. and Nick J. fail to overcome curry induced lethargy, with discussions becoming progressively more wayward and sprawling as Nick B., turning a deeper shade of purple with every glass, disappears into a wine soaked stupor. Whilst the presenters and a number of the labels listed below aren’t so fresh, expect to hear some fine new bands and recent choice reissues.

1. Vinegar Strokes – Jason [Self-released]
2. Roky Erickson and The Explosives – Wait For You (Live) [Norton]
3. The Howling Hex – Stable [Golden Lab]

4. Armand Schaubroeck – Independent Hitter [Mirror]
5. T. Valentine – Hello Lucille… Are you a Lesbian? [Norton]

6. FNU Ronnies – Saddle Up [Load]
7. D.A.F. – Tracks 1 & 2 from ‘Produkt Der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft’ [Warning / Bureau B]
8. XADDAX – Busted Circuits [Skin Graft]

9. Rational Animals – Guess What? [Katorga Works]
10. Avon Ladies – Cyanide Lactater [Katorga Works]
11. The Ropes – Went Gone [Self-released]
12. Tempe SS – Mad At The World [Self-released]
13. No – Big Black Wings [Static Shock]

14. Unsane – No Chance [Alternative Tentacles]
15. Feedtime – Billy [Amp Rep]
16. Pretty Things – Old Man Going [Rare Earth / EMI]

17. Spacin’ - Sunshine, No Shoes [Richie]
18. Mt. Carmel – Oh Louisa [Siltbreeze]
19. Human Instinct – Stoned Guitar [Air / Sunbeam]

20. Ramleh – Backlash [Broken Flag / Harbinger Sound]
21. Black Humor – Undancing In The Dirt [Fowl / Superior Viaduct]
22. Ceramic Hobs – 33 Trapped Chilean Miners Part 1 & 2 [Must Die]

23. The Twerps – Dreaming [Chapter Music]
24. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Fishing Clothes [Jewel]
25. Vibracathedral Orchestra – FlÓ§tze or … [Self-released / VHF]

The three of us will be spinning records, before, between and long after the bands at this:

There are loads of Weirdo Guise events coming up, check www.weirdoguise.co.uk for details.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soft Skeleton #18 Halloween Special: They died with their willies gone

We tried to record a Soft Skeleton Halloween 2010 podcast, and it ended in tears. Nick Bannerman showed flagrant disregard for the Halloween theme, trying to shoehorn in some Fleetwood Mac song or other on the basis that it was “satanic”. So, he was kept out of the room this time and replaced by Wesley Loveday. Kenny was in attendance once more, but decided to play the same songs he did in 2009.

Our 2011 special comes with a whole load of other excuses. Nick Jones had never edited one of the Soft Skeleton podcasts before, so did a bit of a botch job as a result of his perfunctory approach to Garageband (he also broke his living room table). He managed to delete an excellent portion of chat about death metal, and removed the funniest part of the podcast as it involved taking the piss out of someone at great length, but the next day that person’s group was added to the line-up of one of our Weirdo Guise shows. That said, the music in the background during the chat segment is great.

1. Jonathan Elias – Children of the Corn (Main Title) (Varese Sarabande)
2. Lubricated Goat – Nerve Quake (Black Eye Records)

4. No Trend ­– Fred Reality (Touch and Go)
5. Dry Rot ­– Mass Love (Parts Unknown Records)

6. Black Sabbath ­– Black Sabbath (Vertigo)
7. Black Widow ­– (CBS)

8. Bad Brains – FVK (PVC Records)
9. Celtic Frost ­­– Nocturnal Fear (Noise International)

10. Celtic Frost ­– Cherry Orchards (Noise International)
11. Deicide – Oblivious to Evil (R/C Records)
12. Master ­– Funeral Bitch (Doomentia)

13. Repulsion – Crematorium (Necrosis Records)
14. Death ­– Denial of Life (Combat)
15. Sewer Zombies ­­– They Died With Their Willie Nelson T-Shirts On (Subversive Records)
16. Skullflower ­– Clay of Death – Infernal Abode – Of Geburah (Turgid Animal)
19. Coil – Main Title (from the Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser)

20. The Fates ­– Ceaseless Effort (Taboo)
21. Werewolf Jerusalem – Your Sweet Body for Killing (Second Layer)
22. Kenny orders a pizza

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Soft Skeleton #17: Land of Frappatunity

Wes, Nick J. and Nick B. bring you perhaps the most directionless Soft Skeleton yet. Please bear in mind that Wes has become an alcoholic in recent weeks and so we were lucky to have him in such a lucid state.

Part One

1. The Cobras - I Wanna Be Your Love (Big Beat Records)

2. Sonic Boom - You’re the One (Silvetone Records)

3. Status Quo – Paper Plane (A&M Records)

4. UV Race - Acid Trip (Sweet Rot Records)

5. Pere Ubu - Final Solution (Twin Tone Records)

6. The Dead C - Scary Nest (Flying Nun)

7. Heatsick - Dream Tennis (Cocktail D’amore)

8. Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy (Very Friendly)

9. Sepultura - Arise (Roadrunner Records)

10. Brad Fiedel - Terminator II Theme (Silva Screen)

11. Slade - Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)

12. Hookworms - Teen Dreams (Sun Ark)

13. Spin Spin The Dogs - Jumbo (Upset the Rhythym)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soft Skeleton #16: A Bird In The Hand Is Worthless

Cuddled together in bed, Dan Hipshake and Nick B. - with a laptop on their laps - finally make the podcast they've been wanting to make together for years. It was a moment to be cherished forever and one that can fortunately be shared with all. Join us under the duvet to hear some of our favourite hits past and present.

1. Wake Up Dead - Fucked Up (Unreleased)
2. The Bobby Fuller Four - Let Her Dance (Mustang)

3. John Wesley Coleman III - Can't Stop Dreaming (Goner)
4. Fergus & Geronimo - I May Be Poor (Play Pinball)
5. Yussuf Jerusalem - We Ain't Coming Back (Florida's Dying / Born Bad)

6. Cheater Slicks - Cryin' (Telephone Explosion)
7. Henry's Dress - Hey Alison (Slumberland)
8. Wax Museums - Billy's Room (Play Pinball)

9. Silver Shampoo - Dogs (What's Your Rupture?)
10. Proto Idiot - Release (Unreleased)
11. Lloyd Price - Personality (ABC)

12. Smokers Die Younger - Sketchpads (Thee SPC)

13. Unicorns - Sea Ghost (Alien8 / Rough Trade)


14. The Great Unwashed - Can't Find Water (Flying Nun)
15. The Pretty Things - LSD (Fontana)
16. Uprights - The Me (no label)

17. The Deadly Snakes - A Bird In The Hand Is Worthless (In The Red)
18. Death - Keep On Knocking (Drag City)
19. The Hollywood Jills - He Makes Me So Mad (Tune-Kel)

20. The Hunches - Fall Drive (In The Red)
21. The Boy Toys - In And Out Of Love (Unreleased)
22. Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock (Parkway)

23. Country Teasers - Man V Cock (In The Red)
24. The End - People Talk (Erwin)

25. Cococoma - Enemies (Goner)
26. Nobunny - Brace Face (Douchemaster)
27. Cheveu - Like A Deer In The Headlights (Born Bad / Kill Shaman)
28. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Gentleman (Goner / Melodic / Shock)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

Soft Skeleton #15: Good Morning Mr Wanker.

A back-to-basics podcast from the core, uncharismatic duo behind Soft Skeleton. Listen in awe to Stroidy's sheer incomprehensibility. Observe as Jones battles to suppress his blatant jealousy of all things Stroid. But stick it out listeners, there's some brilliant new music on there. We may have both hands down our pants, but at least one finger's on the pulse.

1. The Flesh Eaters – So Long (Expanded Music)

2. Mob Rules – (no name) (Zandor Records)

3. Plastic Crimewave Sound – Shockwave Rider (HoZac Records)

4. Idle Times – Working on Something (HoZac Records)

5. Puffy Areolas – Noble Rot (Siltbreeze)

6. Joseph Spence – Good Morning Mr. Walker (Mississippi)

7. The Fugs – War Song (Reprise)

8. Royal Trux – Stop (Drag City)

9. Plug – You Keep The Beats (Upset The Rhythm)

10. The Vaselines – Whitechapel (Sup Pop)

11. Spacemen 3 – Hey Man (Fire Records)


12. Crass – Mother Earth (Crass Records)

13. Cabaret Voltaire – This is Entertainment (Rough Trade)

14. Gareth S. Brown – Turtosimian Pilgrims Distracted by Rutting Insects (Black Dogs)

15. Niche Homonoid – Baby, Come Home (Black Dogs)

16. Brainbombs – After Acid (Skrammel Records)

17. Tyvek – Going Under Water II (In The Red)

18. Sic Alps – Meter Man (Drag City)

19. The Love Triangle – Splendid Living (Dire)

20. X – Dipstick (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)

21. Double Negative – Excited About Myself (Sorry State Records)

22. Hawkwind ­– We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago (United Artists Records)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soft Skeleton #14: Epi Kicks

Kenny, Shaun and Nick B do not remember doing this.

part one --- http://www.mediafire.com/?nrfmlrmgv1ir63u

part two --- http://www.mediafire.com/?2oj3gmzevcgzzxi

Realtors - Guilt By Association

John Bellows - Travel On
Urinals - Sholastic Aptitude
The Prats - Disco Pope

Silver - Do You Wanna Dance
Homostupids - Wearing Sammy
Wildfang - That's Right
Nancy Sesay And The Melodaires - C'est Fab

This Heat - Paper Hats
Residents - Blue Rosebuds
X-X - A

Black Mamba Beat - Onion Ring
Dan Melchior And Das Menace - Back In The Village
Antena - Be Pop


Raymilland - She's Got Medals
'O' Level - East Sheen
The Times - Red With Purple Flashes

Astrud Gilberto - Photograph
Ty Segal - Finger
Home Blitz - Perpetual Night

Matt K Shrugg - Show Down
Moonhearts - Obliteration
The Prats - Jesus Had A P.A.

Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking