Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soft Skeleton #9

Guy Fawks and Hugues play their favourites, talk about their band Broken Arm a fair bit and explicate the reasons for their gravitation towards angry music.

Mecht Mensch - What's Right
Sex Vid - Wide Open > Not Interested
Breathing Fire - Plant

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Sweat
The Buff Medway's - Archive from 1959
Crime - Frustration

Dry Rot - Lumber Yard
Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture
Double Negative - Retro Abortion

Fucked Up - Two Snakes
Mind Eraser - Internal Dialogue

Ethiopiques - Swinging Addis (track 3)
Funkadelic - I Got a Thing


Breakdown - All I ask
The Grim - Old Towne Mall
Moss Icon - What They Lack

Pissed Jeans - Night Minutes
Le Shok - Killed by Fuck
Armitage Shanks - Shirts Off

Warum Joe - Ukraine Hop
Shattered Faith Reagan Country
Bikini Kill - Finale

Slant 6 - Don't You Ever
Minutemen - I Felt Like a Gringo
Electric Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi