Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Soft Skeleton #17: Land of Frappatunity

Wes, Nick J. and Nick B. bring you perhaps the most directionless Soft Skeleton yet. Please bear in mind that Wes has become an alcoholic in recent weeks and so we were lucky to have him in such a lucid state.

Part One

1. The Cobras - I Wanna Be Your Love (Big Beat Records)

2. Sonic Boom - You’re the One (Silvetone Records)

3. Status Quo – Paper Plane (A&M Records)

4. UV Race - Acid Trip (Sweet Rot Records)

5. Pere Ubu - Final Solution (Twin Tone Records)

6. The Dead C - Scary Nest (Flying Nun)

7. Heatsick - Dream Tennis (Cocktail D’amore)

8. Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy (Very Friendly)

9. Sepultura - Arise (Roadrunner Records)

10. Brad Fiedel - Terminator II Theme (Silva Screen)

11. Slade - Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)

12. Hookworms - Teen Dreams (Sun Ark)

13. Spin Spin The Dogs - Jumbo (Upset the Rhythym)