Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soft Skeleton #18 Halloween Special: They died with their willies gone

We tried to record a Soft Skeleton Halloween 2010 podcast, and it ended in tears. Nick Bannerman showed flagrant disregard for the Halloween theme, trying to shoehorn in some Fleetwood Mac song or other on the basis that it was “satanic”. So, he was kept out of the room this time and replaced by Wesley Loveday. Kenny was in attendance once more, but decided to play the same songs he did in 2009.

Our 2011 special comes with a whole load of other excuses. Nick Jones had never edited one of the Soft Skeleton podcasts before, so did a bit of a botch job as a result of his perfunctory approach to Garageband (he also broke his living room table). He managed to delete an excellent portion of chat about death metal, and removed the funniest part of the podcast as it involved taking the piss out of someone at great length, but the next day that person’s group was added to the line-up of one of our Weirdo Guise shows. That said, the music in the background during the chat segment is great.

1. Jonathan Elias – Children of the Corn (Main Title) (Varese Sarabande)
2. Lubricated Goat – Nerve Quake (Black Eye Records)

4. No Trend ­– Fred Reality (Touch and Go)
5. Dry Rot ­– Mass Love (Parts Unknown Records)

6. Black Sabbath ­– Black Sabbath (Vertigo)
7. Black Widow ­– (CBS)

8. Bad Brains – FVK (PVC Records)
9. Celtic Frost ­­– Nocturnal Fear (Noise International)

10. Celtic Frost ­– Cherry Orchards (Noise International)
11. Deicide – Oblivious to Evil (R/C Records)
12. Master ­– Funeral Bitch (Doomentia)

13. Repulsion – Crematorium (Necrosis Records)
14. Death ­– Denial of Life (Combat)
15. Sewer Zombies ­­– They Died With Their Willie Nelson T-Shirts On (Subversive Records)
16. Skullflower ­– Clay of Death – Infernal Abode – Of Geburah (Turgid Animal)
19. Coil – Main Title (from the Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser)

20. The Fates ­– Ceaseless Effort (Taboo)
21. Werewolf Jerusalem – Your Sweet Body for Killing (Second Layer)
22. Kenny orders a pizza

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