Monday, November 29, 2010

Soft Skeleton #15: Good Morning Mr Wanker.

A back-to-basics podcast from the core, uncharismatic duo behind Soft Skeleton. Listen in awe to Stroidy's sheer incomprehensibility. Observe as Jones battles to suppress his blatant jealousy of all things Stroid. But stick it out listeners, there's some brilliant new music on there. We may have both hands down our pants, but at least one finger's on the pulse.

1. The Flesh Eaters – So Long (Expanded Music)

2. Mob Rules – (no name) (Zandor Records)

3. Plastic Crimewave Sound – Shockwave Rider (HoZac Records)

4. Idle Times – Working on Something (HoZac Records)

5. Puffy Areolas – Noble Rot (Siltbreeze)

6. Joseph Spence – Good Morning Mr. Walker (Mississippi)

7. The Fugs – War Song (Reprise)

8. Royal Trux – Stop (Drag City)

9. Plug – You Keep The Beats (Upset The Rhythm)

10. The Vaselines – Whitechapel (Sup Pop)

11. Spacemen 3 – Hey Man (Fire Records)


12. Crass – Mother Earth (Crass Records)

13. Cabaret Voltaire – This is Entertainment (Rough Trade)

14. Gareth S. Brown – Turtosimian Pilgrims Distracted by Rutting Insects (Black Dogs)

15. Niche Homonoid – Baby, Come Home (Black Dogs)

16. Brainbombs – After Acid (Skrammel Records)

17. Tyvek – Going Under Water II (In The Red)

18. Sic Alps – Meter Man (Drag City)

19. The Love Triangle – Splendid Living (Dire)

20. X – Dipstick (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg)

21. Double Negative – Excited About Myself (Sorry State Records)

22. Hawkwind ­– We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago (United Artists Records)

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Weirdo said...

A vortex of misinformation. The Byrds song I was talking about is 'I Come and Stand at Every Door', not "You know who I am".